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I don't use a conductivity probe, but from what I have read they are not accurate enough to control ATO/SW. It is primarily intended to provide trend info and perhaps an emergency alarm when things get really out of range.

Sorry, I really can't follow your code. There are redundancies, and circular conditions. You have multiple conditions initiating an outlet. For example, [FW] has Switch1 and [ATO_ALLOW] attempting to turn it ON. In general, you want to define the most common behavior first and then add 'overrides'. Remember that later code has higher priority.

You also have a logic error in [FW] and [FSW_IN]. Switch1 is attempting to turn both ON, but if [FSW_IN] is ON, [FW] should be OFF?

Both [FW] and [FSW_IN] appear to have the same control conditions, so I don't see how you keep them from running at the same time. And yet if either is ON the other should be OFF.

In short, this won't work. Start simple and get the basic functionality working first. It also helps to write out the steps in plain English first, without trying to use any real code.


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