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New SPS Tank FRAG (Can't Stop Staring at it) Forest Fire Digitata

So when I went looking for Pellets, I came across a Frag I couldn't leave in the store.

When I brought it home, have to say I've never been so stunned by a Frags initial looks.

A Forest Fire Digi. Not an Fancy coral that will WOW the High End Acro experts.
Placed it Very Low down since it's not a high light coral. Secluded a bit to not get hit by high circulation.

This is 3 minutes after Mounting and placing in tank. The Polyp's haven't even come out.

I'll get a better photo once it acclimatizes, but this gived you an idea compared to my other Frags.

(I probably don't need to point it out to anyone)

If I can get it to grow, it will be a nice addition to the Tank.

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