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Nothing wrong with nice colored Montiporas! Forest fire is a great one and if you like that color combo, the Chili Pepper Monti Cap is a nice red/green contrasting SPS that is easy to keep and keep colored up (not to mention the cool scrolling of monti caps).

I'm glad the blenny is considering nori now. As mentioned, it would be ideal if now you can catch all of the fishes, run the tank fallow for 72 days, and treat them all gently through hyposalinity in a QT or just do TTM (though TTM is quick, and you'll need to leave the display without fishes for 72 days, so almost no reason to rush through).

It's so great that our hobby has advanced to the point now where not only is it achievable to have a tank free of ich, but it's pretty easy and not an expensive process either.

Just remember to TTM/quarantine all new fishes going forward too (another reason to consider QT for corals too, in theory they could transfer ich between tanks).

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