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Originally Posted by reefmutt View Post
Hey Wally, not necessarily lower lighting intensity but actually same intensity with shorter photoperiod...
However, I don't think you reducing from 250 to 175 would be a bad thing right now.
I think Ed had mentioned only needing about 6-8 hrs mh.. you could go longer with the t5- maybe another 2 hours on either side...
But with mh and t5, it's rarely a cause of burnt tips.. so, not sure where that's coming from.. I think some water changes can never hurt..
I still have MH 6 hours, T5's around 8 Hours. 1 hours break on T5's in middle.

Doing 175W just for a short while (more for Cyano control, since very VERY little, so don't want it to spread).

No new burned tips except for Red Planet (talking about the past for the others) which was probably caused by the Drastic P drop, and then the N rise with scrubber shutting down. (Instability).

Now things are stable, and if things stay that way (fingers crossed), I'll go back to 250W.

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