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BC's 140g rimless build

Welcome to my build. Its been a while since I posted here, I've been busy at work and missed alot of LIRA meeting, I'm a lousy member. However, I've been reading a ton of info on RC to help me with this build, thanks everyone. Anyway, I recently started making some headway with my tank upgrade and could use some feedback and opinions from those interested. Thanks for looking!

The basics:
- Tank 140g rimless by Glass Cages 3/4" glass Starfire front and sides.
- Sump 45g acrylic, gave Glass Cages the design.
- Skimmer MSX-200
- Light (on the way) custom by Catalina USA 3 x 250w MH's (15,000k Reef Grow) 4 x 54w T-5 Actinics, 10 blue moon LED's

Here's the new tank ready for water!

A little background before we begin the new build.

My old 90g tall setup is still running to keep livestock. Using Koralia 3's for flow, Turbo Twist UV (not sure how useful but fish have been parasite free), 2 x 150w (14k phoenix) with T-5 actinincs. I like tanks that are simple and clean looking, really wanted a rimless tank and had my eye on an Elos 120XL but didn't pull the trigger. Figured I just go with a moderate setup since I have alot more to learn before investing tons of dough into a setup like that.

Old 90g tall. December 2008 w/black background

Early 2008 w/blue background, I like this look better

Then I had to move the 90g tank while putting in new floors during the holidays. Sadly, you'll notice below I lost a bunch of corals/clams in the temporary move from my living room to my office. Not sure why, I pulled everything out, removed all LR and sand. The bin holding the corals was clean, tank water was used, had heater and small powerhead. Fish and inverts were all fine, but in another container, its a mystery?? Still have some decent pieces left to start new tank, this was quickly aquascaped, did not put the substrate back in.

Jan. 2009, after the move, back to blue background (I like), bare bottom (ugly, needs sand)

Current fish:
- Hippo tang
- Yellow tang
- Spotted Kole tang (coolest dude)
- Solan fairy wrasse
- Ocellaris clown (lives like a king in 2 RBTA's and 2 GBTA's)

Fish I want to add to new tank:
- Powder blue tang (may hear from the tang police)
- Copper band butterfly
- Ocellaris clown (large female)

Corals: Unfortunately I lost about 2 dozen nice pieces in the move, lost my nicest LPS and few sps colonies, but I have some decent pieces left to start with. New tank will have more SPS. Still have;
- Torch
- Frogspawn
- Hammer
- Green Bali Slimer
- Several small SPS colonies
- Fiji yellow
- Scolymia
- var shrooms and large tree coral

Inverts - Lost all my clams in the move, but still have;
- 2 RBTA
- 2 GBTA
- Long spine urchin
- Linkia star
- 2 cleaner shrimp

My cool, Spotted Kole Tang!

more coming on the new build...

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