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Looks good! So did the old tanks. Curious question: why do you prefer the blue background over the black? I'm debating a new tank and can't decide. I currently have a blue background but I'm constantly cleaning the algae buildup off so that it remains blue. I thought that black might be easier since the coraline would be less noticeable.


Current Tank Info: 215 gal DT, 125 gal sump, 40 gal refugium w/ATS, 20 gal frag tank, reeflo orca skimmer, Knop HD calc reac w/2nd chamber, BRS dual reac, dart rtn pump, 2x tunze 6105's on seasweeps, 2x jebao PP20's, 30gal QT, LED/T5 Ltg, 1/2 hp aqualogic chiller.
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