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Here are a few pics of the build.

Leveling stand, my bro in-law had a cool laser. The room slopes down, had to adjust 1/2"

Tank move, met the delivery truck in White Plains, rented a cargo van, dollies and suction cups (a must with heavy tanks). They said the tank weighs 600lbs emtpy (due to 3/4" glass and doubled up on the bottom), it was closer to 500lb's, we still took it slow.

There is quite a noticeable difference between the Starfire and normal glass. You can see by the color of the wall.

Plumbing design seems to fit ok.

Water running ok, still no leaks and quiet!! Just need to clean up wires and make a bubble trap in the fuge.

It took 2 days to fill new tank with RO/DI, mixed salt for another 24 hrs, temps steady. Then I swapped half water from old tank with new tank water. I took about 50lb's of liverock from old tank, added 80lbs livesand 1" deep, surprised how little cloudiness there was. Begin the mini cycle.

Skimmer already pulling after 6 hrs of use, little wet but a good start. Smelled very different, must have been the bacteria from the new live sand?

24hrs later, water is already clear, all readings pretty much zero, getting slight 10-20ppm reading in nitrates. No biggie, probably be another 2 weeks before fish coral can begin to move in.

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