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dosing vodka to bring down N and P


There are some new articles in germany concerning the daily dosing of vodka.

This dosing of C should bring bacteria growth (bacteria plankton) that take up all the NO3 and the PO4, so it can be eaten by corals, sponges,.. or just be skimmed out of the tank.

An other aspect is to give the denitrifing bacteria the C they need.

You should start to dose more till there is a white bacteria film.
Then dose the half of this daily. NO3 and PO4 should come down to nearly zero.

The foam should get very hard.
And the skimmer only has to run, when there ist meassuring PO4, to bring it out. Or just run a smaller one.

Now you can bring in more nutrients with feeding Phytoplankton and very fine dry food (for gorgonians,..).

Anyone got experiences or opinions?


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