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Just moved to Niceville.

I have a 120, a stand I built myself, a sump/skimmer built in. I plan on painting the stand, and getting water in the tank by end of the month. Just picked up some dry rock at "Matt's" need a sand bed however haven't decided on what. In going either with a 2" sugar fine, or a 1" reef grade so it won't move around on me with high flow. Need lights, and after seeing the Kessil 360 at matts in liking them. Maybe sup with a 420-440 mn led stripe for morning evening. My plan is a SPS dominate mixed reef. Very coral heavy light on fish. Would could go no fish but family would line that so have to get a few. Been in Korea the last year and took down the tank for that and my future move to wherever. Most of my equipment was sold, RO/DI, MP40, and metal halides, good stuff. Boy that MP40 was great! Sure should have kept that one, but if I can't afford it, I'll find something. However seems to be a much much smaller market for used equipment here than Phoenix. Any help would be appreciated. Only have one question, if one was willing is it possible to use water from the bay for filling and changes? I would put the water in 7 gallon blue jugs and let them sit for several days in the dark. I think this would kill anything bad in there. Thoughts?

180 Mixed Reef
SRO-5000 Skimmer
Neptune APEX Gold
Kessil AP700/ MP60+6105
Kalk+2 part/ Cheato Fuge

Current Tank Info: 180 SPS Dominant
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