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100 pounds of sand bought at Destin petsmart. May need more but I won't know until I get my reef scape done and then place the sand around it.

I chose these because my last tank was 100% sugar fine and my MP40 moved it around too much. Didn't blow around the tank but would build drifts and valleys I didn't like.
30 pound sugar fine
30 pounds agaramax select
40 pounds Ocean direct live sand.
Theses have a larger particle size and should resist movement more than sugar fine alone. Also hoping I can mount my power heads closer to the substrate than before.

180 Mixed Reef
SRO-5000 Skimmer
Neptune APEX Gold
Kessil AP700/ MP60+6105
Kalk+2 part/ Cheato Fuge

Current Tank Info: 180 SPS Dominant
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