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Originally Posted by aikenreefkeeper View Post
I will have to check my Alk. I did not record my latest or did not run the test.

Once a week I take a cube of Mysis or Brine shrimp and shave some off with a knife. I turn off the circulation and use a pipette and put some on each of my corals.

I do a 4 gallon water change each week to combat the algae/cyno.

Do I need to increase my Phosphate and Nitrate levels or do I need to use some other method of feeding these types of corals?

I only have one fish in the tank.....a Pajama Cardinal.

Corals will starve when there is no N and P, and/or insufficient or incorrect spectrum of light.

A good target level (except SPS only) would be nitrate 2-5ppm and phosphate 0.03-0.07ppm.

Increased feedings should move you in that direction, slowly over time.

While ALK needs to remain stable, it combines with Ca, to allow a Stoney coral to build its skeleton, the expansion/contraction of the flesh would be more of a nutrition thing IMM.

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