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Originally Posted by kv2wr1 View Post
I have used reef chili and a little goes a long way. My filter feeders love this stuff. I have also used Rod's as well. I think Rod's is more of a whole reef food as in that you can feed the fish, corals and inverts with it whereas reef chili is more for corals and filter feeders. Fish will eat reef chili, but would need something more than just that. Rod's is pre-washed supposedly so it is suppose to be extremely low in phosphates as far as food is concerned. Again I would use both sparingly. On the reef chili container, it states as to how much to use.
Yeah exactly.

I plan to use the Rods primarily for the fish. But it does have the extra's for the reef. I will also feed an occasional flake or pelets when I don't have time to thaw the frozen Rods.

I plan to supplement the corals feeding with something extra like reef chilli, coral frenzy or reef roids to aid in growth and colors. Just some extra that they are not getting from the fish food & POO!

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