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Originally Posted by Neptune 555 View Post

My Question is.. why are we are working so hard to match our salinity..when so many do freshwater dip? If a fish can survive fresh water dip... then I don't get the WHY we need to be so super exact to .001 for salinity?

Smaller organisms that aren't as complicated don't have a cellular structure that can survive the different specific gravity and rupture. It's a great, non-chemical way to remove many lower level organisms.

It's still hard on the fish, just not as hard as other effective options.

Osmotic shock happens rapidly in lower level organisms, and slower in higher organisms. Hence a quick dip. It's still happening to the fish though.

In all fish species osmoregulation developed in a way that enabled them to maintain the proper balance of salt and water in the water with chemical composition found in their natural habitat. If osmoregulation is disturbed due to adverse conditions (osmotic stress) or a sudden change in the chemical composition of water (osmotic shock), fish might not be able to physiologically cope with it.

Chronic osmotic stress can eventually result in fish’s death and osmotic shock can cause death very quickly.

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