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Jmareef1022, yes it is. I had many of the lost fish for several years, and even pulled them through a velvet outbreak once. I'll be crossing my fingers for your tank.

Appreciate the advice so far. I do have power back - surprisingly came on about 7pm yesterday. The tank had full power back the night before that though when I connected my generator. I had already considered whether to "rest" everything and go no lights, or run the tank as normal. I did an alkalinity check when I first got home and it was way up in the low 11s; I usually maintain it in the low 9s. Only reason I could figure was that the lack of light all day had prevented coral growth and other tank metabolic activities. With that in mind, I decided just to run the tank as normal and it had a standard light cycle yesterday.

Coral has looked good so far except for a couple of acros with some bleached tips. This morning there is still no evidence of RTNing colonies...thankfully.

So far, alk is maintaining in the high 10s. Ca is at 430, which is just a bit higher than my usual of 410-420.

I'm honestly afraid to check nitrates and phosphates at this point lol, although I was able to get out 90% of the dead livestock. I will probably check that today as having power back will make it much more feasible to do a larger water change if need be. Both typically run near 0.

Would any of you folks consider making a reduction to the carbon dose, given the significant loss of waste-producing livestock?

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