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I am having a dino issue in my frag tank. I have two small fish (Banggai Cardinalfish and Tailspin Blenny) and a few snails. The tank is a 40 gallon breeder with a 30 gallon long sump/refugium with chaetomorpha algae. I feed the tank two or three times a week and the nitrates read 0.00 (clear) on the Salifert test kit and 0.04 on the Hanna Checker. The tank is barebottom and I use a 8 bulb TEK T5 fixture for lighting. I didn't have this problem until recently when the nitrates dropped. Do dino's appear when the phosphate level is higher than the nitrate level or is there no correlation? What causes the din's to appear and what is the method to correct the problem?

120 Gallon Acropora dominated tank, barebottom, APEX Controller, ATI Sunpower 8x54w, Skimz SM163, Jebao DCT 6000 return pump & two Jebao OW-40.

Current Tank Info: SPS Dominated
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