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Originally Posted by organism View Post
The female anemones take around 2-3 months to spit out babies, chances are those white bubbles are either something else or babies from a previous spawn. The hard part is raising them, but very cool that yours spawned!
I'd love to know where you got your info. Experience, or is there info floating around out there? I'm not sure the white bubbles could have been from a previous spawn for a couple reasons.

I moved the parent anemones to a larger aquarium just 3-4 weeks prior to the male spawning (as reported above). I could imagine if a spawn happened in the old aquarium that the mother wouldn't have continued incubating the eggs during a move? It's possible, but none of the anemone's really loved the move, I had to pull them off the glass and cut them out of the rocks of the old system.

I definitely watched the 'bubbles' (eggs?) get larger after the father spawned, and then a few at a time disappear from the mother.

Thoughts? Suggestions on what/how to feed the little ones (if there are any that didn't get eaten by my clowns)?

I feed tiny amounts of oyster feast, phyto, and a cube of mysis once a week. I mix it up and target feed corals. The fish get pelleted food daily.

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