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Home RO and Tank RO With the storm

I have the Genesis Storm and loved it when I had it on my previous tank. I've since moved and am in the process of setting up a brand new salt water tank. It will be a total of around 400Gallon + system when I'm all done with the plumbing.

However, I have a simple question. I had plumbing for the RO water ran throughout my house with a 5 gallon pressurized reservoir for drinking water. I used the RO unit that I had (rated at 150 Gallon per day with 2 RO membranes).

How do I use my RO unit rant to my storage tank for drinking water and use the same RO unit with the ROCv?

I thought about putting a T in on the RO unit and splitting it off to the powered valve then running from the valve to the DI unit, then to the freshwater bin with the float switches. However, the valve says a minimum of 5psi. I'm concerned with this as I believe RO units aren't supposed to have any water pressure if I remember right.

Have you done this before? Or what would the best recommendation be for using the same RO unit for drinking water and for filling the freshwater bin for top off?

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