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Here's my new dosing schedule.
I'll switch from Brightwell to Aquaforest in the next couple of months.
More concentrate products in smaller bottles means cheaper shipping cost wich, for who lives out of Europe/EUA, is a good thing.
Besides that, the results of AF are already proven, so I'll give it a shot.

SEG – TLF Ferrion 20ml / TLF Strontium 10ml / AF Vitality 10 drops

TER – Brightwell Koralle 30 ml / Brightwell Borochrom 15 ml

QUA – AF Fluorine 10 drops / AF Micro E 10 drops/ AF Amino 20 drops

QUI – AF Energy 20 drops/ TLF Ferrion 30 ml

SEX – Brightwell Borochrom 15 ml / TLF Strontium 10 ml

SAB – Brightwell Koralcolor 10 ml / Brightwell Lugol 5 drops / Nyos Coral Nectar 20 drops

DOM – Brightwell Koralle 30 ml


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