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Originally Posted by dustinkimpel View Post
Update. Removed all of my rocks and corals wiped them down a little not much, and added a couple more pounds of live rock. Sucked the dino remains out of the tank and continued with the full take peroxide dosing. On day 4 of blackout and things are looking very promising. Will install sump, UV and new skimmer tomorrow and start lighting the tank 2 hours a day. Will keep updating, I feel like I am beating this.
See, there are 2 types of people..those who think everything is made of tissue paper, and those who haul everything out of their tank and wipe it down.
On a more serious note, glad the blackout is helping. I'm sure the live rock will also.


28g cube, CF 105watts! Tunze 9001. Tiny frags: Euphyllia, blasto, ricordea and a rock flower anemone. Lost fish and inverts due to ongoing outbreak of dinoflagellates.

Current Tank Info: 28g aio, 105 watt CF lights, no sump or skimmer. 2 sexy shrimp, tiny frogspawn, tiny toadstool, tiny lps. Started Feb '15
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