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Originally Posted by cal_stir View Post
I wonder if you went too fast, I let my cyano go for about 4 weeks before I chemicleaned it, I controlled it by sucking it up with a baster when it was getting too heavy. I also let the green micro algae grow on the glass until I could barely see through it, about 3 or 4 days. I turned my skimmer on when hair algae was starting to grow on the back glass, scraped it off with a scraper.
I maintained my no3 @ 3ppm (sulphur denitrator) and po4 @ .03 (lanthanum chloride)

I sample my socks every change under the scope and can't find dinos, I also let the bucket stand for awhile when I vacuum the sand and sample it at the bottom, middle and top and nothing.
Some of it could be diatoms the more I think about it. However, there's still some dinos.

I've had dinos and cyano for months. The cyano actually went from being purple to green and I thought it was actually green algae but it was matted like Cyano and turned black as soon as I dose chmiclean. I did not remove it first. I killed it, then sucked it all up via water change. Perhaps that caused a mini cycle. Snails are all over the brown stuff however.

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