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weatherson -

As a data point, I am adding roughly 12 liters of fresh water a day to my tank for make-up. This translates into 120 liters every 10 days. Since I automatically generate ~30 Gallons of new RO/DI water each cycle, I am replacing this every 10 days.

Additionally, I make new salt water 2x a month. So, I am transferring ~35G (+/-) of make-up water to my salt holding tank every 14 days. This means that my fresh water make-up will probably never go a full week without being refreshed. Also, the holding tanks I am using are 44G Rubbermaid Brute garbage cans with lid. The only time I remove the lid is to perform maintenance, or test water.

I use a Litermeter III for managing the flow of water into, and out of the tank.
Pump1 --> 12 liters/day Add make-up water to sum
Pump2 --> 8 liters/day Add new salt water to sump
Pump3 --> 8 liters/day Remove tank water to waste

In the above scenario, I don't feel I have a great risk of polluting my fresh water. Scott, other, If I'm missing something from your point of view, let me know.

Rob A.

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