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I experimented with different vegetables and fruits... kale, spinach, lettuce, and thought about bananas ... tried it and they prefer it over all other foods... all .. other .. foods.

I would put nori and bananas and and they would move the nori aside to get to the bananas. ??

Also, when we go to cancun, you can feed the fish that come up to the shore and they, also, prefer bananas... no idea why.

I recycle because I find fish poop valuable to my reef ecosystem. So, on one side, I was tossing this thick green biomass... and on the other side, I was adding 4-8 sheets of nori a day. My 8 year old asked me why I was doing that... and I decided that there was no good reason.

So... in went the turf, out came the poop... and everything opened up.

In addition to the sequestered vegetable biomass, the turf was full of particulates, worms, pods, etc... and it was all alive.

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