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Originally Posted by DiscusHeckel View Post
Is there any update?
The SPS are still doing well despite the aefw, but introduction of an Achilles Tang caused a white spot outbreak that decimated many of my fish population

I'm now seriously considering going ahead with aefw eradication while running the tank fallow and treating the remaining fish in copper to get rid of the problems in this otherwise flourishing tank.

The plan is to break off all the encrusted frags and colonies from the rockwork and remove the rockwork (to prevent aefw from hiding in the leftover encrusted bits). The fish will all be removed from the tank into a hospital tank to treat with cupramine. I will then use eggcrate to create shelves in the tank to hold the frags and colonies at the light levels that they are used to, and take them out to dip weekly for the next 6 weeks. I'll then reintroduce rockwork and glue the corals back and leave the tank fishless for the corals to take hold, as well as to complete the fallow period to eradicate ich from the tank before reintroducing the fish.

In addition to getting rid of both pests, this also gives me the chance to redo the rockwork - due to the shallow nature of this tank, I find the current rockwork slightly too high to be able to get good photos and videos for updates.

Any reason I shouldn't go ahead with this plan?

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