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i have not seen a single egg yet, the females did look swollen with eggs however not this morning anymore when i checked. this is getting frustrating because between work and other tank maintenance and personal life i am unable to pinpoint what exactly is happening...if breeding is even occurring, perhaps she just ate a lot. i might set up a camera tomorrow morning before work and study it in the afternoon to look for signs of the social mating hierarchy they are meant to have. i sold a few of my tank bred cleaners to pay for more broodstock. these are expensive in australia, $80 each and i bought 2 more females and 2 males (one juvenile male which is smaller than others). the purpose of the juvenile male is to constantly keep the older males from getting lazy and not mating. if the older males do not mate the younger more eager male will. this will keep them in a constant state of spawning. will keep you updated

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