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Originally Posted by Subsea View Post
The reason that I mentioned Sprung and Delbeek reference to nitrification & denitrification happening in close proximity of each other was because it negated the biological need for live rock. I would like to address Martin Moe’s statement about needing a “functioning denitrification device”. Why do I need to remove nitrate from the water as a free nitrogen gas. Why not feed my corals & bacteria with this nutrient source. Remember, nutrient recycling.
Yes, recycling is fine, and your corals can take nutrients, but only if the system is balanced. You can tinker with how many fish you have & how much you feed the tank in comparison to your biomass that takes up the inorganic & organic nutrients. But it's excess nutrients I'm thinking of. In a tank that's not intentionally 'balanced' or otherwise, the excess nutrients need to be exported so they don't build up.

We all recycle nutrients to one degree or another.

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