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Depleted Alkalinity; Off the Charts Calcium?

Hoping to get some help understanding on what to do here. I have a mixed reef (No fish currently) doing well but my routine tests had me trumped today. My Alkalinity was practically depleted, less than the low 5.3 dkh on the Red Sea test kit. Only .25ml of the Alk titrant was used in the test and was tested twice.

Meanwhile calcium, which I understand isn't likely related to my depleted alkalinity, used an entire syringe plus an additional 0.4ml for a total reading well over the 500ppm for a full 1ml of titrant! I must note my pH is lower than I'd prefer, wavering from 7.8 to 8.0.

Can anyone help explain what might be going on? How can I slightly increase pH and Alk and potentially decrease what's going on with the Ca?

Other tank specs:
~40 gallon total system, 7 months old
Currently running Bio-Balls that helped reduce nitrates (Could this be my issue?)
Running Kalkwasser in top off
All other levels in check including Mg, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Phosphates

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