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cannot keep red sps coloration

hey guys so, i was going through some photos and i looked at my current tank and all my other sps seem to be getting more and more colors exept for my red sps's

this is my red millie that 3-4 weeks

this is about week ago

also my red millie is starting to turn green!?!

i just purchased a ORA red planet, will take some pictures and wait 3-4 weeks, it all my corals seem to have all good P/E i also run a fuge with cheatos on reverse lightning, i also feed rods food every other day and amino acid every day. i have 2 nemos and 1 wrasse feeding them daily with NLS pellets. so my phosphate shouldnt be that high. i still havent checked it though. maybe i should start my reactor back up.

lightning is AI NANO
9 am 5/15/20 30 min ramp
10 am 25/30/30 30 min ramp
11 am 55/75/85 30 min ramp
4 pm 25/25/55 15 min ramp
8 pm 0/0/0

Red planet next to red millie


130G Leemar 36x36x24
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