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Re: Re: softie dominated tanks ... lets see em

Originally posted by Timothy01
I can't believe you would think softies creat a bland coloring. look at all the colorations of zoo's and shrooms alone. not to metion leathers and trees. i used to think wow ive got 4 diffrent types of shrooms in my tank no more, then i see a ricordia i have to have boom theres another , o think now im up to like 10 diffrent colors of shrooms, no bland in this tank, no cam to take pics but softies are anything but bland and un colorful
I dont consider zoos or mushrooms softys, when you go to a coral website to purchase something they have a different section for rics/shrooms and zoos. At first I wanted to stock my tank with just zoo's/rics and shrooms but know I want some more stuff that is kinda "wavy" i guess so I want to add some softys that arent baige or white.

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