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A lot of people don't like canister filters, just to warn you. Personally I like them and use them. Keep them CLEAN and they work well, don't keep them clean and you're inviting a tank crash.

The fish are all hardy and I think will get along just fine with everything, with the possible exception of the condy. They have a fairly strong sting and move around a lot, so if you add any corals or other anemones you may have a problem. There is also a chance that this anemone will injure your fish and condy anemones don't normally host clowns. Definitely wait to add any anemone until your tank is well established, especially if this is your first reef tank. They can be very difficult to keep well.

You probably have space for another fish so long as it isn't a big fish.

Your bumble bee snails are a good start to a cleanup crew. I would add some cerith snails, nassarius snails, a tongan fighting conch, and a top crown snail or two.

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