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Originally Posted by houstonreefer20 View Post
Hi all,

I'm struggling with keeping the algae in my tank from growing.
How long has the alga been growing? How widespread is it? What type of alga is it? What have you tried to reduce the growth and for how long have you tried each method?

Clearly there is some phosphate due to the algae growth, but everytime I test the phosphates it's 0.
Even the most sensitive hobby phosphate test kit can measure zero phosphate at a level that permits a maximum growth rate of macro alga. Also, local concentrations around the alga can be higher than the bulk water level. There still can be too much phosphate in your system.

Nitrate, on the other hand, are hovering at 10 or so.
How long has the nitrate concentration been 10 ppm? Was it ever lower?

I run biopellets, so theoretically if there was some phosphates,
How long have the biopellets been in use? What was the nitrate and phosphate levels when you started? Was the alga growing then?

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