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Originally Posted by ycnibrc View Post
Check the rubber seal at the union sometime it fell off. Are u tight the union enough? Brand-new union don't leak. If it leak where u glue the PVC then try silicon or more glue around the edge
Thanks will check but they were brand new unions from BRS so don't think that was the problem. They are as tight as I can get them. Will look for rubber seal tho. Was able to stop higher up leak at PVC glue part (was very small) using silicone seal tape from Home Depot! But union distal to my Gateway valve still leaks and I find a few drops daily on the upper part of the union.

Worst case is purchasing another valve and slip-slip couple...cutting the pipe above the valve assemble and union and replacing with brand new union-valve-union-elbow-union assembly. I do have the spare parts to do so but hate to do it especially with the tank running now...would have to shut down the left side return basically until accomplished and let new piping dry...24hrs or so right? Could run right side return no problem as no leaks there tho I guess. Thanks for the advice.

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