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Originally Posted by ElTurco View Post
Hi there;
Good luck with your good set up. Checking your latest pics I would suggest a few things to be considered :
1- Your tank is in curve for established water please do not rush for coral additions.
2- Increase the number of cleaning crew especialy the snails.
3- Seems like you have cyano start up check your circulation in tank and water parameters probably phosfate is too high.
4- Put some more tangs for algea consumption ie: convict tang etc.
5- You have made very good investment on hardwares but patience is a must

Best wishes
Hello and thank you. Let me answer some of your suggestions below.

1. I will not be adding anymore corals until the ones already in the tank color up more and grow more.
2. I have 4 fighting conch, 35 nerite, 35 nassarius, 35 cerith. I could probably add more but I didn't want to add too much right away and have a bunch die from starvation.
3. I think it might be DINOS and not cyano. Either way, nitrates are low at 2.5 and phosphates read 0 with hanna ULR checker. Not really sure if I believe these numbers. I do have some algae but not much. There is plenty of flow in the tank, maybe a little too much lol as all the LPS needs to stay on the side of the tank. There is four MP40QD and two Tunze 6255 in the tank for flow. Vortechs are running at 60% and Tunzes at 70%.
4. I already have 7 tangs in the tank, some I did not take a picture of because they move too much. The only other tang I would consider adding to the tank would be a GEM tang.
5. Thank you very much. On this tank, believe it or not, I have exercised a lot of patience, lol. I rarely mess, adjust or fiddle with the tank like I have with my previous three tanks over the years. This time around, I only change filter socks every couple of days, empty skimmer cup and feed the tank. Oh and clean the glass every few days as algae builds up. I know my tank is still very young and I'm not rushing to make any drastic changes to try and get rid of the algae. I will let it run its course and hopefully, it will go away on it's own.

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