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Originally Posted by ycnibrc View Post
I wouldn't use any chemicals to treat Dino. Increase flow at the sand bed reduce zeobak reduce light period get some other algae to your arid reactor beside cheato. Add a lot of astrea snail and clean up crew and let it ride. I have been through this like a few months ago N now my tank is spotless no algae. The red leg hermit even eat the Damm dino
This stuff is spreading like crazy and suffocating my SPS. I have four MP40QDs running at 70% and two Tunze 6255 running at 90%. There is plenty of flow in the tank for sure. I have stopped zeobak altogether as it was not doing anything to help except create excess slime. The chaeto's growth has stalled due to the dinos smothering it. I don't think adding more snails will help as the ones in the tank seem to be dying or getting weak feeding on the dinos. I have to blow the dinos off the SPS every hour to stop them from dying only for the dinos to come back right away, it's crazy. Pretty sure I'll lose a lot of frags waiting for months for the dinos to clear.

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