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Originally Posted by rovster View Post
Nice set up! In my experience you need to ignore this stuff. Accept the fact that it is going to be around for a while and learn to ignore it. Your tank is in its infancy. I started a tank with mostly dry rock that was thoroughly cured and this ugly duckling phase lasted 6-8 months. The more you fight it the worse it gets. I don't think you can curb it you just need to let it go. That is assuming most of your parameters are in check. If your fish are healthy and your corals seem fine, look the other way. This is my opinion of course.....

As far as the fish goes, unless proven otherwise the fish probably had the problem from before. To early to hit the panic button for pretty much anything that happens in your tank.
The fish is a gone, it didn't make it sadly. I would love to ignore it and let it run it's course but it is smothering my sps frags, can't have that!! Either way, I've been dosing DINO-X and it seems to have killed 95% of it already. Some frags did brown out but i'm pretty sure it was from the dinos smothering it all day every single day.

Since the majority of the dinos died, cyano is starting to rear it's ugly head. I much rather have cyano then dinos any day.

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