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Originally posted by Superorb
that's b/c AGA has the correct tools to drill the holes. i'm pretty sure they have a drill press do it or some automated system instead of a guy w/ a drill. that way, they get cleaner and more consistent holes before they temper the glass, which they usually do on the bottom.
Agreed. I am sure that they have a press and a very systematic, organized system for placing the holes. Any yes the bottom pane of glass is tempered (and sometimes thicker glass) due to the increased stress that the bottom piece is subjected to (weight of water, dropping/falling rocks, etc.).
My point is that placing holes in a glass tank is a task that can be accomplished by people other than the tank manufacturer. Myself and several friends have done it with a simple cordless or corded drill and a few different sizes of diamond coated hole saws off of Ebay with great success. The other point of information that was attempted to be shared with the members of the board is that Ebay has much cheaper hole saws than:


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