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Question all my 6 fish got the ich? I need help

2 weeks ago I intreduced all my 7 fish the I bought from online store to my DT. I have 2 yellow tang on brown powder, one small Naso Tang,one small gold rim and a clown. 2 days ago I start noticing the white spots and my rim became very skinny, from all reading around and seeing all pictures I am 100% sure I have an ICH outbreak in the tank. I have snails,shrimps and some corals (DSB and LR as well). so I decided to take the fish out put them in 55G QU tank and treat them with copper Medications and other anti parasitic medications. I will be setting up the tank in the garage with power head heater,HOB tetra ex40 filter (I know it's small but that's what I have on hand). and ammonia indicator, I will move some of the water in the display to the QU tank and I will put the filter from my Trigger system sump .this way I dont have to wait for a cycle and I can start the treatment ASAP.

I have few questions: what is the best copper based medication to use?
what is the best (Antiparasitic medication to add?
what is the best Copper test kit.
what I should do with the DT ? should I treat it with anything.
what and how often I should feed the fish during the treatment?
how long I should treat the fish and how long I keep the fish int the QU tank after the end of the treatment?

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