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Originally Posted by Jacob D

Originally Posted by RBU1

My only thoughts.....2 weeks in my opinion is not long enough. I would want to QT a fish for at least 8 weeks especially if you are not treating with anything.

I would, and do, agree. Roughly quoting from RegalAngel's post..


Originally Posted by RegalAngel

If I purchase a fish(es) from a quality operator where the fish are observed and expected to be disease free then I will QT for about two weeks for observation to confirm what I expect...a disease free fish. But during this time if I observe something unusual in a fishes behavior or physical issue then it is aggressive QT for 4-6 weeks. It will be aggressive QT for fishes from other suppliers where the same observation and quality control does not take place, so it is up to me to be more than sure.

Two weeks is a minimum for observation. There's nothing wrong with longer observation IMO. Of course if other treatment is required then it might take 6-8 weeks total, or even longer, until the fish is ready to be placed into the display.

My protocol is usually a week to ensure they're eating well, then a week or two of Prazi Pro regardless of evidence of parasites or not. If all is well after 2-3 weeks I transfer to the display.

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