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The fact my dinos have stayed at almost undetectable levels for weeks is insignificant compared to the positive side effects that followed their departure.
I'm not going into any details here on Reef Central, but I find it very likely that harboring a dino bloom in your home will affect your mental health.

I've felt this positive side effect on my vacations away from home, but as you know vacations are relaxing and nice so even though I suspected the dinos I could not come forward with this earlier. It took two weeks, after I got the dinos under control, for me to be convinced my mental capability was improving noticeably in several areas so now is the time to come forward with this.

Some of the effects of the Ostreopsis dinoflagellates neuro-toxins on humans is well known and to name a few like breathing problems, eye irritation and death one can see dinos are well capable to cause harm. It should not come as a surprise that they can cause several other illnesses that have not been well documented or researched yet and the brain is all about neurons so why should it be excluded? I know about mold in homes and how it effects those that are exposed to it long term and I see many similarities between these two.

How the dinos get from the tank into the human body is anyones guess, but I can think of a few ways like into your lungs with mist from the surface and skimmer, dried out filter socks and evaporated seawater out of the tank. If you are doing micro bubbles this is amplified exponentially. Then there is entry through the mouth and the eyes with smearing from fingers, skin and clothes.

The effect could creep in so slowly it is not noticed and we are not yet publicly aware of that dinoflagellates can diminish our brains processes so we just don't have a clue when it settles in.

This is probably the most important discovery I've ever made and I think it has to be heard, discussed and proven so please spread these words.

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