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The problem isn't the hang on. It's feeding the babies. They'll eat newly hatched artemia and I'd throw in some copepods for nutrition. If you lined the holes where the artemia couldn't escape then it is doable (I think). I removed mine to their own 1 gallon container but then you have to worry about ammonia as a hang on you wouldn't have that problem. A fake urchin and a light can help keep the fish and food in the same place.

Be aware though the heavy feeding for the babies does create ammonia. I like to use greenwater for keep the brine enriched. Obviously in the take your couldn't do green water.

Sterile is not better. Successfully bred: Banggai, Lined Seahorse. Restarting work on Ruby Red dragonets, Blue Mandarins, Davinci Clowns, Pink Skunk Clowns (not mature yet) dragonface pipefish.

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