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Thanks Carl!


You'll need to cut down the U-tube to fit in the tank. DO NOT cut the lower portion of the intake tube, cut the U-tube on the opposite side of the adjustment knob. Cut it to fit whatever size tank you'll be running the fuge on.

I swap out the impeller that comes with the AC 70 with an impeller from and AC 20 (mini). It slows the flow down. If you'd prefer more flow, then leave the impeller. (You could also use the impeller for any of the other smaller Aqua Clears) To take out the impeller lift up the grey piece of plastic where the U-tube rests inside the filter. It pulls right out.

Ac 70 impeller on the right, the AC 20 impeller on the left.

This is the filter pad I use. It fits perfectly in the baffled area that I created. A replacment pad for an Eclipse Six will work too , but you'd have to make your baffled area wider.

Filter pad in place.

A shot from the back. Notice the pad doesn't go all the way down. It doesn't need to. If you shove it all the way down it defeats the purpose of running it - the water will flow right over the top of it rather than through it.


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