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well RO/DI water does, that is why you are advised not to drink it !! it will harm you liver and stomach and can burn ...

No, you misunderstood his distinction. Water at room temperature does not degrade polyethylene plastic (as in a Rubbermaid Brute can). Zero. Nada. Absolutely positively zero degradation.

But impurities on or in the plastic, added intentionally or from a bird in the store crapping on it, those are what can come off.

Most of those will be readily removed by a single cleaning, if you are concerned, and that is a fine plan. Such impurities cannot and will not provide a substantial ongoing source of problematic phosphate.

Also, please do not scare monger. Drinking pure DI water does not hurt your liver. Please read any of the hundreds of threads on this topic in this forum and others at Reef Central.

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