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Originally Posted by joshmun View Post
What is everyone else out there with AP700 running for height/time/intensity/color? Post your tank dims as well.

I've been trying for months to dial this thing in....might just give up!!

Here is what I'm running

My AP700 about 10 inches off the water. I have the Red Sea Reefer 350 which is 48 x 21 x 20.
I have 2 Kessil A160s at the edges to supplement. I added these because I had to raise the AP700 too high to get full coverage - tank is in the living room and was getting too much light spillage.

AP700 has 1 hour ramp up and 1 hour ramp down and 7 hours at 43%
A160s run for 4 hours ramp up, 4 hours ramp down 4 hours peak at 45%

It took a while for my corals to settle in and start growing, start low because you can burn the corals with this light. I started at 33% and a couple months later I'm up to 43% and I just jumped 3% this week.

I had A360s before I moved to this light and I still burned corals. I have a Seneye Par meter which helps me with general coral placement but what I've learned is that even low light corals can be acclimated as long as you do it properly.

Just started Red Sea Reefer 350 (75 Gallon) Build Thread -

Current Tank Info: Red Sea Reefer 350
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