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Originally Posted by Jmason95 View Post
^^^^ I like it. What's your T5 combo? I'm running 2 Blue + and 2 Coral + with my AP700. My tank is Sps dominate and so far so good;all the frags are keeping their colors and encrusting.
I have 2 4-bulb ati fixtures. 4 blue+, 2 coral+, and 2 purple.
The tank is a 300DD. I tried 2 ap700 straddling the braces but ended up pulling the 3rd unit from a frag tank for get a little better end coverage with 3 ap700 in the middle with the T5's in the front and back.

Originally Posted by ktownhero View Post
That ap700 + t5 pic looks phenomenal. Do you still get shimmer?
Yes, but when all lights are on with the T5's it is very muted.
Several hours in the morning and evening the shimmer is awesome to me.
I ran halides for 16 years and the "Shimmer" is the main reason I went with the Kessils!

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