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Originally Posted by kenargo View Post
It isn't supposed to work.

The real feed is /rss.sht and I've heard that some browsers won't accept the .xml as a feed but if the xml works for your needs that is good.
.sht files in the AC3 and Apex are s-htlml, which invoke a designated server-side include; the exec process is pretty much just a redirect to the actual demand-generated rss.xml and other raw XML. The RSS/XML (.xml files) have always been accessible without using the sht exec process. The sht files still remain protected in all cases, but if Open XML is enabled, there is direct/unathenticated access to any xml files - rss.xml included, which is the actual RSS feed.

You heard right... Chrome is the one which does not have a standard-compliant embedded RSS processor, so the rss.xml is just displayed as raw XML. Current versions of IE, FF, and Safari see the rss tag in the file, and properly display it as an RSS feed. Old IE (7 and earlier I think) also had issues.

Outlook 2010's RSS reader works great with the Apex now. 2007 is probably good too. Even Safari on iPhone reads and displays rss.xml properly.

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