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Well, something is definitely eating my Acans. I did a little experiment last week with two new Acans I got for cheap. To see if it was water parameters or some kind of predator I decided to protect the acans with a plastic cylinder:

The cylinder was high enough so no fish, save the small clownfish could reach inside, but a shrimp could with some effort. The Acans stayed in this protective shell for over a week with no problems whatsover. Then I removed the shell yesterday and today the Acan on the right had its mouth completely eaten out. Something in the tank has a taste for Acan LordHowensis and only those. My Acan Echinatas are perfectly safe and so is every other coral in the tank... very odd and very annoying because Acan Lords are probably my favorite coral...

On a side note, I am still battling cyano. Noticed yesterday an ugly glob had settled and hid behind my pink birdsnest plug which might have played a part in all this. I blasted all my rock with a turkey baster and made sure all the gunk came out of the crevices. Then I changed my GFO and washed the filter sock. Phosphates are still undetectable and oddly enough the lit sump is cyano free. Crossing fingers that all this will help.

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