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Basic 15G tank

Hi all,
My big tank has stayed with my ex up in Toronto, so I wanted to get a small tank for my apartment. Decided to go with a standard 15G glass tank and AC70 filter for now. This should be enough to give me a tank to spend time with, and not take up too much space.

Right now I am trying to decide on aquascape. With the way I have it now, the big shelf blocks a lot of light from lower in the tank, so I may switch it around. The light may need to come closer as well, but I have some time allowing it to cycle the dry rock before I worry about that as much.

11 lbs of dry rock, and about 6 of live rock from my LFS, and 20 lbs of sand, hopefully it cycles fairly quickly, as I look forward to adding some zoas and lps in there, and probably a pair of clowns, some CUC and a firefish for starters, maybe something else down the road.

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