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So at too low flow, a siphon is not created because the air is not purged. You then are running a durso and an unmodified drain. This would either be quiet for lack of flow, or noisy/slurpy with higher flow.

At too high a flow, a large enough proportion of the flow goes through the open/durso that it defeats the purpose (noise). More flow still, and the airhose is submerged, creating dual siphons.

The gate on the siphon allows you to find the sweet spot for whatever flow your return pump generates.

I would imagine that your plumbing allows for pretty wide range of flows, up to a wide open siphon on a 1" pipe. That would be tough for a return pump to keep up with.

So it begs the question, is your gate mainly open, mainly closed, or more like half way; and what is your pump's flow rate?

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