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I use to run a sulfur reactor, (3 wks ago) and am now switching to carbon dosing (Vodka and Vinegar). Reason is my sulfur reactor keeps leaking, and instead of building a new one, decided to give carbon a methodical, honest try -

From what I know of sulfur reactors, and what I've read about carbon dosing, they are not something you would do at the same time.


Sulfur reactor grows bacteria within the reactor that consumes Sulfur and NO3. This brings your NO3 within your tank to really low levels.

Carbon dosing adds a carbon source for bacteria to reproduce within the whole tank environment that consumes NO3 and PO4 in proportionate amounts while also feeding corals and sponges.

My assertion -- is that NO3 would be a limiting factor in a tank to make dosing carbon effective. That's my 2 cents.

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