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30 Cube Foam Rockwall Reef Tank

Come on McPuff.. all that hype and no proof!

Originally Posted by ratherbeflyen View Post
I have been out of GA for a long time, but I gave over 1000 hours of dual in Cessna's, not to mention learning to fly, and I can't remember how many years it was before I flew an airplane that wasn't older than I was at the time. Much less a new one. I also can't recall ever having 4 people in a 172.

Iím currently right at about 630TT with about 335 hours of that as dual given in the 172.

I donít think Iíve ever had 4 people in one either. Lol The only real way to get 4 is if you stick two kids back there, otherwise youíd be running on fumes just to take off under max weight. Haha
Theyíre nice, we have a fleet of about 20 Skyhawks and the oldest one is a 2010. All have the g1000 glass cockpit too.

Fun story - recently I went to Dulles with a student and on the way back we went to hot springs airport KHSP which is about 4,000í up on the top of a little mountain in a mountainous area. It was dark right after departing Dulles and about halfway there ATC told us there was a V22 (Osprey) doing something low altitude over the airport. When we got closer, we started talking to them on the radios and they were doing pattern work with no exterior lights and all the airport lights off practicing pattern work with vertical takeoff and landings in the grass next to the runway! They let us turn the runway lights on and we landed while they were in the grass with engines running and you couldnít see anything. I assume they were practicing flying with night vision goggles. One of the coolest things Iíve seen so far.

Tank update!

Bubble tip is in. I caught it trying to escape the net earlier. The hermits havenít tried crawling out, no snail seizures, all the coral in the new tank look really good so I placed the rbta in a predetermined hole in the rock work.

Iím going to start transferring everything this weekend.

Iím also on the hunt for a used radion xr30 g3 pro and a reeflink instead of the black box. Gotta find a good deal on one somewhere. Lol

Went to Loweís yesterday with plans to build the light mount, but left empty handed and disappointed after getting there realizing what I wanted was too expensive and flimsy to be worth it..

Side note: I just realized the other day the pictures Iíve been posting, after photobucket bent me over its knee, arenít as clear as they are on my phone. Lol
Iíve been lazy and just been using the Tapatalk app image uploader since its extremely convenient. Thatís not going to cut it anymore! Going to try and find another easy mobile way to do it without losing image quality..


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