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30 Cube Foam Rockwall Reef Tank

Originally Posted by McPuff View Post
I know it! I have to get going on the next prototype. Truthfully, I've needed to build one for just over a year now.

For the Radion, if you don't care about having the latest and greatest, you could probably get a Gen 1 for relatively cheap and it would certainly provide plenty of pretty light.

Hopefully it doesnít crash and make me retype all this again.. try 2!

As long as your prototype doesnít make me want to redo all the work Iíve done, you can build one and share it. Lol

I donít need the latest and greatest, thatís why I want a G3 Pro. Lol
Now if I did want the latest and greatest, Iíd b hunting down a G4 Pro! Haha

Itís more of a want than a need. I want the quality, output, and connectability of a 1-2 year old radion over the current light or another one that is 4ish years old and probably needs to have the LEDís replaced. Iíd like to get a Reeflink as well to connect the light and mp10. Iím also a little more leery buying say a gen 1 due to its age and the higher potential of it not working quite right, especially buying without seeing it in person.

Originally Posted by saf1 View Post
If you don't mind used lots of stuff on the boards since Santa brought in a new batch of goodies. Or, if you are a DIY person can get some really nice multi-channels and build your own for a fraction of the cost.

On the 'Nem....started with one about that size, now have 6 [emoji20] I think they are just has bad as Xenia! J/k - well, maybe not. But the 6 in my 40 breeder is the problem and two of them continue to roam about the tank because there just isn't enough room for them all. Never again.

Hopefully I can snatch one up on the cheap. Lol I looked into the diy LED aspect a couple years ago and determined it just wasnít worth the effort lol
A nice controller and adequate power supply can get pretty pricy and then thereís the me screwing something up or it quits working a year later. Haha I would like to have the arduino knowledge and small electronics competency as well, but thatís all a little over my head!

That was my first rbta I got from a friend about 2 years ago and it was about the size of a golf ball. It grew to about 6-8Ē and only recently split for the first time. Now I have two 6Ē nems. When the other lets go Iíll probably sell it to someone who has bought coral from me before and said theyíd buy it if I ever sell it. Iíd like another one, but green with purple tips if I can ever find one locally again.

What lights do you have? Blast them with light and they donít move. Lol that and they need a big enough area for the foot to attach. Thatís why mine moved recently.

New tank update!

I got carried away again and added more coral and a fish.

I hand caught the clown. Lol Scooped it right up - I canít tell you how much more I like this clown than the two a**hole clowns I had prior! And it had really colored up nicely living in the nem. It has a real pretty gradual fade from bright orange up to a dark orangish/black that even comes down its head.


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